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Universal Design Principle : Expression

Expressionism ( Acrylic Painting 38"x48")

Universal Design Principle : Expression

January 03/ admin/Resources

Expressionism is an art movement which emerged in the early twentieth centu-ry in Germany as a revolutionary reaction to impressionism. Expressionism is an artistic style where the artist is able to express the subjective emo-tions or idea by distorting objective reality.

Contemporary Art simply refers to today’s art. With the use of unlimited wide spread of mediums, contemporary artists comment on modern societal issues with their art works. In Contemporary art, a work is able to get attention de-pending on how intriguing or challenging it is or become with no consideration on how nice or pleasing it is.

Looking at the journeys art has traveled right from stone age to today’s art (Contemporary Art), art has been reviewed many times and has moved from being defined to a much more complex state making it difficult to define it now. Questions like “who defines an art work?”, “how an art work should look like?” and “who qualifies to be an artist?” has set art free to be explored with several different mediums by different people irrespective of their inability to draw or paint. Art has bridged the gap between people who are handicapped in draw-ing and painting and has the passion to do art and people who are skilled in drawing and painting. It has gotten this far through revolutionary art move-ments that has questioned art in different ways. Typical examples of these art movements are Expressionism and Contemporary art and many others which preached freedom for art and the artist’s freedom of expression.

Universal Design is a revolution in education in terms of learning and has come to stay for good. Universal Design sees the traditional way of learning as problematic because it only works in favor of a particular group of people with a special ability inconsiderate of the other groups who are handicapped in that ability and they are all assessed based on one criteria by which the handi-capped might be rated as an average learner to the non-handicapped. Univer-sal Design says everybody can be an excellent learner if they are given the freedom to express their knowledge in their own unique ways. Multiple means of expression is one of universal design principles to aid learners express themselves seeing barriers like language, impairment and the likes as no threat to their learning ability. This is achieved when learners are provided with multiples options of mediums with which they can express themselves.

In conclusion, art is one of the multiple means of expression in UDL and UDL is art.

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