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UDL Africa.

1st Annual EdTech Innovation Africa Symposium (EIA)
EIA Symposium gathers talent across the African region to share knowledge and resources that improves education in the context of the region.

Who We Are

Learning is an essential component in the evolution of people within societies. Even though the pace and rhythm of learning differ with each individual, every individual needs to achieve understanding through their learning process. The universal design for learning offers a universal medium and design of teaching which allows the process of learning to be efficiently grasped by different individuals with different pace and rhythm of learning. This framework helps optimize teaching and learning all across the world for a more efficient educational system. This research institute has set goals for the implementation of UDL in schools of all levels in Africa.

What we do

Our main purpose is to first create an awareness of UDL in Africa. There is the need to draw the attention of the African educational institutions to the importance of UDL as a solution to address the various loopholes in the African educational system. We create this awareness through our media, website, and also conferences and workshop targeting teachers and educational administrations. Secondly, we educate them on the principles of UDL and how to implement the framework in schools. We also Foster educational research to bring innovation to education.

Our Mission

Educational Reform for Africa through UDL

We provide a good design curriculum intending to give all individuals opportunities to learn efficiently. The curriculum encompasses instructional goals, methods, materials, and assessments that work for everyone. The flexibility of this framework causes a change in how students are taught, how they learn, and how we measure what students learn. In other words, we empower teachers to meet the varying learning needs of each student while giving the students the right platform to express themselves.

Objectives of UDL Africa


Boost Performance

Positively influence what students are taught, how they learn and the measurement of performance.

Open Conversation

Provide learners with the right platform to express themselves.

Education Reform

Optimize teaching and Learning environments for schools in Africa.

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